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Nitric Oxide Detection Kit

342.00 EUR

Indirect Colorimetric assay used for quantitative measuring Nitrate and Nitrite present in a variety of samples in Serum, Plasma, Urine, Saliva, Water, Buffer, Cell Lysates, Tissue Culture Media samples from all species

Proveedor: Stressmarq
Disponibilidad: In Order
Número del catálogo: SKT-212-96
Tamaño: 2 plates of 96 wells

Nitric oxide (NO) is a diffusible, transient, reactive molecule that has physiological effects in the picomolar-to-micromolar range. Acting through soluble guanylate cyclase activation, NO is an important physiological regulator of the cardiovascular, nervous, and immunological systems (1). NO is bio-available by two routes. It can be endogenously generated by constitutive or induced enzymes like Nitric Oxide Synthase or it can be orally ingested as nitrates / nitrites for rapid uptake into circulation and subsequent conversion (2). The reactive nature of nitric oxide allows it to act as a cytotoxic factor when released during an immune response by cells such as macrophages. The reactivity also allows NO to be easily converted to a toxic radical that can produce nitrosative damage to cells, organelles and molecules such as DNA. Nitrosaylation however can be a regulated post-translational modification in cell signaling (3). The balance and dynamics of the regulatory/damage facets of NO are major forces in mitochondrial signaling and dysfunction (4). NO is linked not only to coronary heart disease, endothelial dysfunctions, erectile dysfunction, and neurological disorders, but also diabetes, chronic periodontitis, autism, cancer, and assorted age-related diseases (5-9). The physical properties of Nitric Oxide make it challenging for direct detection methods. However, colorimetric methods can be applied to measure its stable break-down products nitrate (-NO3) and nitrite (-NO2) (10).

The kit is transported on ice packs (+4ºC). Upon receipt store at 4ºC. Non-hazardous item according to both ADR and UN regulations.

  • Assay type: Indirect Quantitative Assay
  • Species reactivity: Species Independent
  • Sample types: Serum, Plasma, Urine, Saliva, Water, Buffer, Cell Lysates, Tissue Culture Media
  • Sensitivity: 2.63 µM in the Nitrite and 1.02 µM in the Total Nitric Oxide
  • Assay range: 3.125 - 200 µM
  • Incubation t 30 Minutes
  • Number of samples per kit: 88 samples in duplicate
  • Method of detection: Colorimetric Assay

For research use only. Not to be used for human or animal treatment or diagnostics.

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