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Rat Interleukin 17 ELISA kit


Rat Interleukin 17 ELISA kit

520.00 EUR

A competitive ELISA for quantitative measurement of Rat Interleukin 17 in samples from blood, plasma, serum, cell culture supernatant and other biological fluids. This is a high quality ELISA kit developped for optimal performance with samples from the particular species.
Proveedor: B-Gene
Disponibilidad: In Order
Número del catálogo: E02I0309-48
Tamaño: 1 plate of 48 wells

Storage: store at 2-8°C Stability: The stability of kit is determined by the loss rate of activity. The loss rate of this kit is less than 5% within the expiration date under appropriate storage condition.
  • Recognized antigen: Interleukin 17
  • Species reactivity: Rat
  • Sensitivity: 1.0pg/mL
  • Detection range: 50-1000pg/mL
  • Principle: competitive ELISA
  • Reproducibility: Intra-Assay: CV<10% Inter-Assay: CV<15%
  • Crossreactivity: No significant cross-reactivity or interference between this antigen and analogues was observed. NOTE: Limited by current skills and knowledge, it is impossible for us to complete the cross-reactivity detection, therefore, cross reaction may still exist in some cases.
For research use only. Kit contents: 1. MICROTITER PLATE * 1 2. ENZYME CONJUGATE*1 vial 3. STANDARD A*1 vial 4. STANDARD B*1 vial 5. STANDARD C*1 vial 6. STANDARD D*1 vial 7. STANDARD E*1 vial 8. STANDARD F*1 vial 9. SUBSTRATE A*1 vial 10. SUBSTRATE B*1 vial 11. STOP SOLUT

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